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Each monthly AgeUp premium buys a small slice of guaranteed income1 that starts when your parent is between 91–100 and lasts for their lifetime.

Over time, those slices stack up to become monthly payouts that come directly to you and can be used for your parent’s assisted living, medical care, or anything else, with no restrictions and no claims to file.



Get started for as little as $25 a month.

20+ years


With each monthly payment, you stack another slice of guaranteed future income1.



Get a monthly paycheck to help support your loved one for as long as they live.

Freedom to choose

You can buy AgeUp for a parent who’s between 50 and 75 years old. When you sign up for AgeUp, you’ll choose:

Payout age

Your parent’s age when you’ll start receiving benefits, from 91 to 100. The higher the age, the larger each monthly payout.


Your monthly premium, between $25 and $250. You can adjust or pause this payment at any time.

Return options

You can choose from two annuity options at purchase, one of which returns 100% of the money you’ve paid until that point if you or your parent dies before the payout age. That means you get your money back, but the monthly payouts will be lower.

With the second option, the payouts will be higher, but if you or your parent dies before the payout age, you get nothing back.

Under the hood

AgeUp is a special kind of annuity, called a deferred income annuity.

Deferred income annuities are similar to a pension or Social Security; you buy a guaranteed income1 in the future in exchange for money today. But where most DIAs require upfront payments of thousands of dollars (or more), AgeUp lets you break them up into affordable monthly installments.

Since AgeUp is an annuity, the money you pay isn’t a liquid investment like stocks or CDs. Instead, each monthly premium buys an IOU to pay you guaranteed income1 in the future. AgeUp is backed by MassMutual, one of the largest and most financially sound companies in the U.S.2

We’ve got answers

Frequently asked questions

How does AgeUp work? (The short version)

Just start making affordable monthly payments when your loved one is at or near retirement age. Each monthly payment you make buys a small amount of guaranteed future income. Over time, those monthly payments stack up to become significant guaranteed monthly annuity payouts you can use to help a parent or loved one who outlives his or her savings.

At issue, you can choose to begin receiving annuity payouts when your loved one is anywhere between 91 and 100 years old - the higher the age, the more you’d receive every month. You can also choose whether your purchase payments will be returned if you or your loved doesn’t live to the chosen payout start age of 91-100. If you elected “no” in the “death before payout age” option, your guaranteed monthly annuity payouts will be higher, but you won’t receive any money back if either of you dies before the annuity payout start date.

Who receives the annuity payouts?

AgeUp annuity payouts are made directly to the purchaser. For example, if you buy AgeUp for your mother, you will receive the annuity payouts once your mother reaches the annuity payout start date. If you prefer, you may set another person to receive AgeUp annuity payouts as you get closer to the annuity payout start date. You would want to consider that person’s tax and financial position when making any decision.

Can I cancel my plan or change my monthly payment later?

Yes and yes. You have 10 days after a payment to cancel it for a full refund. You can also cancel or adjust the amount of future payments at any time, or pause AgeUp payments if money is tight, then start again when your finances improve. It’s important to note that previous payments are locked in after ten days, so the money you’ve paid will stay in effect until your loved one reaches the payout age or one of you passes away. AgeUp is designed for the long haul, so we’d recommend you think carefully before buying.

Can I get my money out early?

No. With AgeUp, you’re buying an IOU for guaranteed future income, rather than depositing money in a liquid account (one that can be readily converted into cash) such as a savings or money market account. You’re guaranteed a lifetime monthly payment once your loved one reaches the payout age, but there’s no balance to be withdrawn prior to that date.

What happens if my loved one doesn’t live to the payout age?

It depends what you choose for the death before payout age option. If you select “yes,” if you or your loved one dies before your loved one reaches the payout age, 100% of the money you’ve paid until that point will be returned. This is referred to as the Single Life Annuity - Death Benefit Prior to Annuity Date option in the contract and illustration. If you select “no,” your payouts will be larger if you and your loved one live to the payout age, but you will receive nothing if not. This is referred to as the Single Life Annuity - No Death Benefit Prior to Annuity Date option in the contract and illustration.

How are the payouts determined?

In addition to the Annuity Option you choose, there are several factors that go into the payouts. The most important are:

Payment amount
All things being equal, the larger the monthly purchase payment, the larger the eventual payouts will be.

Payout age
You can choose any age between 91-100 to start receiving payouts. The older the payout age, the larger the payouts.

Loved one’s age today
The younger your parent/loved one is when you start AgeUp, the larger the payouts will be. That’s because 1) you’re making payments for a longer period of time, and 2) the payments have more time to mature.

Women have longer life expectancies on average, so the payouts will be slightly higher for men than women if all else is equal. However, some states require uniform pricing regardless of gender.

Interest rates and other pricing factors
Each time we collect a purchase payment, we guarantee a future associated increase in monthly annuity payout amount that will never fluctuate. However, the amount of income you’ll receive for each monthly annuity payout depends on the projected interest rate environment and other pricing factors at the time you make a particular purchase payment.

How long do you guarantee the annuity payouts will continue?

Once the annuity payout period starts, you are guaranteed to receive your accrued annuity payouts as long as your loved one is alive, whether that’s 5 years, 30 years, or even longer.

AgeUp also guarantees that, once the annuity payments have begun, you will receive a minimum cumulative annuity payout equal to the total amount you paid in purchase payments during the accumulation phase. We call this benefit the Cash Refund Guarantee. When your loved ones dies after annuity payouts have started, we calculate the difference between your purchase payments made during the life of the AgeUp annuity and what you have received in annuity payouts. If you put in more than you have received in annuity payouts, we will promptly pay you the difference in a lump sum payment. This benefit applies regardless of whether you selected “yes” or “no” for the “death before payout age” option at purchase.

How do I know you’ll be around in 30 years?

AgeUp is issued and backed by MassMutual, a company that’s been in business for over 160 years. As long as MassMutual exists, your payouts are guaranteed.

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