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Give yourself a
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AgeUp provides guaranteed income if you live a long life.

AgeUp for me

Available for ages 50-75

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How AgeUp works
for me


Begin contributing to AgeUp when you’re between 50 and 75. Choose a flexible monthly premium as low as $25, and a target age between 91-100 to begin receiving monthly payouts.

15+ years

Each monthly premium buys a slice of guaranteed income beginning at your target payout age. Over time, those slices stack up to become significant monthly payouts that last for life.


When you reach your target payout age, get guaranteed monthly checks for life. Your payouts are backed by MassMutual and can be used for anything you like, with no restrictions.

A new take on longevity protection

AgeUp is a longevity annuity (sometimes called a deferred income annuity, or DIA). Similar to a pension or Social Security, longevity annuities provide a constant stream of future income to help ensure you won’t outlive your resources. With AgeUp, that income is backed by MassMutual and guaranteed to continue for as long as you live.
Age UpTypical longevity annuity
Flexible monthly premiums starting at $25/moLarge one-time premium
($10,000 minimum/
$181,000 average)
Payouts begin between 91-100, allowing for greater monthly incomeCan only be deferred until 85, resulting in smaller payouts

While AgeUp is a longevity annuity, it has two key differences compared to most others on the market:

Affordable for almost everyone

The minimum upfront cost for a traditional longevity annuity is $10,000, and the average initial contribution is $181,0001, but AgeUp is designed to be accessible to almost everyone. Instead of a single upfront payment, AgeUp lets you break the purchase into affordable monthly installments of as little as $25.

Longer deferral, larger payouts

AgeUp payouts start later than most longevity annuities, which allows for greater monthly income, dollar for dollar.

How can AgeUp guarantee lifetime income?

AgeUp payouts come from three sources:

Premium repayment

A portion of each payout is your premiums being paid back to you.

Growth of premium

Your premiums are conservatively invested by MassMutual, and part of each payout represents interest income. However, MassMutual takes on all the investment risk – so even if markets underperform, your guaranteed income amounts from AgeUp are set in stone and will never fluctuate.

Longevity credits

Imagine a group of 10 friends are concerned about running out of money in retirement, so they each put $10,000 into a checking account, agreeing to split it evenly in 20 years. Unfortunately, only seven of them are alive 20 years later, so they each receive $14,286 instead of $10,000. The extra $4,286 each person received came from something called longevity credits (also known as “mortality credits”).

By dividing the funds among those who are alive, longevity credits allow groups of people to share the risk of outliving their retirement resources. They’re also an essential part of how pensions, Social Security, and longevity annuities can guarantee lifetime income.

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How AgeUp compares

Longevity annuities like AgeUp are great for safeguarding against two major concerns: investment risk and longevity risk, or the chance of outliving your savings.
High yield savings/
money market
mutual funds
Can pay monthly
Skip a monthly deposit/payment when needed
High growth potential from market returns
Benefit from longevity credits
Flexible withdrawals
Guaranteed principal
Guaranteed lifetime income

Guaranteed return

Each slice of future income is locked in at the time of purchase, and your payout amounts are guaranteed by MassMutual, regardless of market performance.

Lifetime income

Unlike savings and other liquid assets that can run out, AgeUp provides guaranteed income that will continue for the rest of your life - no matter how long that is.

On the downside, AgeUp isn’t liquid like stocks or savings accounts. There’s no early access to the money and no principal, so you should only consider AgeUp if...

  • You’re in pre-retirement or early retirement
  • You’re in good health
  • You can afford to trade small monthly payments now for guaranteed income in the future

Frequently asked questions

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What if I don’t live to my target payout age?

It’s up to you. When applying for AgeUp, you can choose from two “death before payout age” options. Which option you should choose depends on whether you’d rather minimize risk or maximize future income.

Death before payout age options:

Yes (Money back, but smaller payouts)
With this option, if you die before reaching the target payout age, 100% of the premiums you’ve paid until that point will be returned to your chosen beneficiary. However, your payouts will be smaller if you do reach the target payout age. (This is called Single Life Annuity - Death Benefit Prior to the Annuity Date in the contract and illustration.)

No (Larger payouts, but no money back)
If you select no, your payouts will be higher if you reach the target payout age, but there’s no refund if you die before then. (This is called Single Life Annuity - No Death Benefit Prior to the Annuity Date in the contract and illustration.)

What if I reach my target payout age, but die right after?

Every AgeUp comes with a Cash Refund Guarantee. That means that once you reach your target payout age, you or your beneficiary is guaranteed to get back at least what you paid in, regardless of what you choose for the “death before payout age” option described above.

For example, let’s say you choose a target payout age of 93 and pay a total of $15,000 in premiums. The day you turn 93, you and/or your beneficiaries are guaranteed to receive at least $15,000.

How are payouts determined?

In addition to the death before payout age option you choose, the most important pricing factors are (all else being equal):

Premium amount
The larger your monthly premium, the higher your payouts.

Payout age
The higher the age when you begin receiving payouts, the larger each monthly payout will be. (Similar to how delaying your Social Security retirement age will increase your monthly benefit.)

Age today
The earlier you start AgeUp, the larger the payouts will be. That’s because 1) you’re paying premiums for a longer period of time, and 2) the premiums have more time to mature.

Women have longer life expectancies on average, so the payouts will be slightly higher for men than women if all else is equal. However, some states require uniform pricing regardless of gender.

Interest rates and other pricing factors
Each time we collect a monthly premium, we guarantee a future associated increase in monthly annuity payout amount that will never fluctuate. However, the amount of income you’ll receive for each monthly annuity payout depends on the projected interest rate environment and other pricing factors at the time of each premium.

Can I cancel my plan or change my monthly payment later?

Yes and yes. You have 10 days after each premium payment to cancel it for a full refund. You can also cancel or change the amount of future payments at any time, or pause AgeUp payments if money is tight, then start again when your finances improve.

It’s important to note that previous payments are locked in after 10 days, so the money you’ve paid will stay in effect until you reach the target payout age. (Or until death, if “yes” is selected for the “death before payout age” option.) AgeUp is designed for the long haul, so we’d recommend you think carefully before buying.

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AgeUp is issued by MassMutual and developed and sold by Haven Life Insurance Agency, a MassMutual-owned innovation hub that’s building new technologies to make buying financial products actually simple.


MassMutual has been in business since 1851


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