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Get guaranteed income for life beyond 90

One in three 65-year-olds will live into their 90s, but few can afford it1. AgeUp provides supplemental income to help fill in the financial gaps that come with a long life.

Backed by Mass Mutual

Brought to you by Haven Life

Be ready for the best-case scenario

AgeUp provides guaranteed monthly income for life beginning at your target payout age between 91-100.
Available if you’re age 50-75.

Rest easy

Income you can't outlive, a price you can afford

Under the hood, AgeUp is a longevity annuity (sometimes called a deferred income annuity, or DIA). Longevity annuities provide secure, guaranteed income in late retirement that’s shielded from market swings and lasts for life – similar to a pension you buy for yourself.

How AgeUp is different

Pay over time

Typical longevity annuities require an upfront payment of at least $10,000, but AgeUp lets you pay in monthly installments of as little as $25.

Longer deferral period

Most longevity annuity payouts can only be deferred until age 85, but AgeUp payouts start at any age you choose between 91-100. The longer deferral allows for higher monthly income at a time in life when it’s usually needed most.

Age UpTypical longevity annuity
Minimum initial payment$25$10,000
Average initial payment$50$181,0002
Premiums paymentsMonthly installmentsOne-time lump sum
Age payouts begin91-100No later than 85
Optional death benefit
Lifetime income

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See how AgeUp compares,
dollar for dollar

Age Up versus typical longevity annuity dollar amounts comparison table
Age UpTypical longevity annuity
Initial payment$50$17,350
Monthly premium$50$0
Payouts begin at age9585
Total premiums paid$17,350$17,350
Estimated lifetime payout$2,499/mo$516/mo

The left shows an example AgeUp estimate for a 65-year-old man with a $50 monthly premium and payouts starting at 95. On the right is the result of spending the same amount on a typical longevity annuity, using the highest payout age of 85.

Estimates from 2/27/20, 65-year-old man from Massachusetts, no refund in case of death prior to income payments beginning

Wait, where did $17,350 come from?

You’ll stop paying premiums 13 months before your payouts begin, so $17,350 = $50/mo x 28 years, 11 months.

Why AgeUp?


Choose your own premiums, starting at just $25/mo


Income is shielded from market risk and will never run out3


Use the payouts for anything you need, with no restrictions


Buy online in minutes - no doctor visits or health info required

Backed by one of the best

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AgeUp is issued by MassMutual and developed and sold by Haven Life Insurance Agency, a MassMutual-owned innovation hub that’s building new technologies to make buying financial products actually simple.


MassMutual has been in business since 1851


Rated A++ for financial strength by A.M. Best4


Total assets of $280B in 2019

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